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WOODO COOK on wood

WOODO COOK on wood Originally uploaded by titus leibing follow me on facebook: facebook.com/tituzdesign

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BAnG BAnG closeUp

BAnG BAnG closeUp Originally uploaded by titus leibing

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BANG BANG Originally uploaded by titus leibing

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eat_it mandala

http://de.lafraise.com/Submission/index/id/133470/affiliate/323339 Originally uploaded by titus leibing

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Voodoo Cooking Club (part II)

Voodoo Cooking Club

Monster baby

Submission for Studioaiko ‘s Monsterparty Project. Check: www.studioaiko.com

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Skateboard Design

HYPH.COM featuring TITUZ

HYPH.COM Cultura Urbana Blog from Argentinia is featuring my work! Thanks friends!!! please check: http://www.hyph.com

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Pattern Designs

Some of my works will be featured in the upcoming “zeixs” book about pattern design. Coming Soon. ISBN: 978-3-939998-39-6 http://www.zeixs.com/books_pattern.php

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