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Monstermandalas in progress

Did some new mandalas. I will upload the pics in a view days- as I write here from my IPod touch trying out this great new app. Let’s see if I can ad a photo as well. … and it works!  

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New! Monstermandala

Just started my new projekt “monstermandalas”.

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Vote for me!

I´ll proudly present “the fabulous skullboy” He grew up in a circus and likes playing with “skulls” -not balls. f you like you can vote for some of my characters: http://www.patchtogether.com

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… just another blog

… Welcome to my first blog! In some time i will present some of my new character designs and stuff. As for the last 3 years a lot of  characters and artwork grew in my library I decided to show it somewhere as a kind of portfolio. Its still a beta blog  - as a […]

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